Having the mass Support and waves and sticking to the public principles, challenging the challenges, we shall achieve our goals!

Having the mass Support and waves and sticking to the public principles, challenging the challenges, we shall achieve our goals!

Dear our people who are living at home and abroad!
Above all and before anything else we would like to congratulate you on the 44th Anniversary of February 18 (Lekatit 11) which is colorfully being celebrated under the motto of ‘’Lekatit: the Cornerstone of our Endurance, Unity and Security.’’ The National Regional State of Tigrai is proud of congratulating the people of Tigrai at home and abroad.

There are several reasons why we colorfully celebrate lekatit 11 /February 18. One of the prominent reasons is that we have paid the lives of 60,000 gallant fighters, 100,000 (one hundred thousand disabled ones. We have also promised to finalize the assignments given by them. As usual, we shall achieve the already designed goals. Thus, when we celebrate the 44th Anniversary, our slogan is ‘’our struggle is long and bitter, our victory is inevitable ‘’ with full self-confidence, challenging all the hardships, dismantling all the anti-revolutionary elements paying all the sacrifice, you have made history in the last 17 years. Furthermore, even now you are struggling relentlessly to do away with poverty and backwardness. The Tigrai National Regional State believes that serving you (the people of Tigrai) is of higher pride.

Dear our people

In the last 27 years, you have contributed your own sacrifice for the establishment of Federal Democratic Constitutional Government, Democratic and Civil Rights, the Rule of Law and the Equality of all Nations, Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. You have also offered for the renaissance and bright future of our country, Ethiopia. This contribution is something that anyone can be proud of. In line with this, you have worked hard to reduce poverty in our region from 58% to 29%. This is done through your collaborated and consolidated and concerted effort, though this does not match with your effective effort.

Through your relentless efforts, in the year 2010 E.C we have come to identify and explore all our weaknesses and have started /designed/ a democratization and transformation plan. We have started practical activities for their realization.

Based on this, the NRST, together with the people of Tigrai on its side, has declared anti-poverty struggle with full confidence. This time we are in a challenging and complicated situation. Those anti- peace, anti-development who were defeated 27 years before are now reviving. Especially, in the last 3 years and particularly with in the last 9 months they have gathered together to destroy the identity and survival of the people of Tigrai. For this purpose, they have declared satanic and psychological war against the people of Tigrai because of its identity. These anti-people forces are campaigning against the people of Tigrai to cover up all the evil deeds they committed during the dergue regime. That is ’’The thief crying the thief.’’ They are trying their best to defame the good will of the people of Tigrai. Because of this, our people are suffering a lot, they are displaced, their properties burnt, destroyed and confiscated. All in all, they are conducting multi-faceted violations against the people of Tigrai living out of their region. But, they have to know that the people of Tigrai, in their history, have never knelt down to anyone before and will never surrender to anyone! Regardless of all the evil deeds, up roaring and chauvinistic expressions. They know this reality for sure.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

All these hotch-potch of the anti-peace and development forces do not bother the people and the government of Tigrai. What bothers and disturbs them is the unsolved and deep rooted socio economic problems and the lack of good governance. To solve these social and economic problems, the NRST is working day and night and has designed structures that can alleviate the problem. In order to ensure our socio economic security, all partners /stakeholders/ have taken their own shares. In order to attract domestic and foreign direct investment, we have established an Investment Commission that facilitates the regional investment policies.

Therefore, all the development forces, especially, the farmers of Tigrai are working hard in the water and soil conservation schemes, irrigation and animal husbandry, fattening, and other development activities. You are also expected to participate in availing good governance Traders, investors and private sectors are expected to pay your taxes. Especially the initiative that you took by saying. “We shall deliver our obligations and ask our rights” are an exemplary duty for other regions and should be sustainable!

Those of you who are participating in the small and middle enter pries and laborers working in big factories (Industries) by prevailing industrial peace, doubling your productivity, go ahead with your fruitful and extra ordinary commitment.

In general, the National Regional State of Tigrai, would like to call up on all the concerned parties: investors, farmers, traders, workers to strengthen your coordination and the achievements you have registered in all multi-faceted activities would make the anti-peace and development elements become shameful. On the other hand, it would make our people secure their peace, ensure its security and identity and thus continue the struggle against poverty, unemployment with the sense of urgency.

The youth and women of Tigrai!

During the armed struggle, 35% of the gallant fighters were women.Women from the rural, urban areas and abroad also have paid all the sacrifice. In the last 27 years, they have shown their contribution both at the kitchen and in the office. For all their contributions, the National Regional State of Tigrai would like to express its gratitude and we hope, in this challenging situation, they would play their own roles. The youth of Tigrai have paid all the sacrifice within the last 44 years. The youth were the leaders, fighters, and organizers of the bitter struggle and they have written their own history for ever that never fades. The new generation of this time has been also playing its role in the last 27 years.

Especially in the last 3 years, strengthening their unity, the youth are playing a pivotal role in this Digital Revolution as a revolutionary force. They have defended all the evil deeds and hate speeches and are working 24 hours for this case. The National Regional State of Tigrai would like to appreciate their contribution and commitment. In the multi-faceted contribution and commitment you have shown, we would like to remind you that you should work hard in the fields you are assigned-education, farming and other sectors. Let us work hard and keep our promise for the martyrs.

Intellectuals, City Residents and Civil Servants!

Within the last 44 years of struggle and after victory, the intellectuals, as leaders, the city residents within the dergue regime have paid sacrifice and this has been written in golden words. Intellectuals and city residents have played their unparalleled roles before and after the demise of the regime. The National Regional State of Tigrai is proud of this achievement especially the Tigrean intellectuals have started fruitful effort in shaping the new generation to be reasonable, knowledgeable and informed youth. Go ahead with your fruitful efforts. The residents of cities, keep your anti-poverty struggle and keep your surroundings clean, so that healthy and productive citizens can live longer.

Civil servants who are working in all Bureaus and offices, you have contributed your roles. But the problem of good governance is not yet solved. Therefore at least you should not be the cause for the maladministration. Work for the effective results, and serving the public is more than any prize and of high value.

Residents in different foreign countries

The contribution of the Tigrean Diaspora was equally important with the bitter struggle in the field and the struggle of the city residents. You were the promoters of the struggle, the sources of finance and agents of the struggle in exposing the pressure and influence of the powerful countries.

After the demise of the dergue, you have contributed for the development endeavour made by the people of Tigrai especially, the financial contribution you have made for the displaced Tigreans. At this moment, the National Regional State of Tigrai would like to express its gratitude and we hope this support will continue. We also call up on all Diaspora to stand together and strengthen our unity and struggle with concerted efforts against all odds. 
Nations, Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, above all, we would like to say Happy 44th Anniversary of the beginning of struggle February 18 /Lekatit 11/ which is the cornerstone of the unity with in diversity and the Constitutional Federal Government. The concerted efforts of NNP of Ethiopia have overthrown the Feudal and Military Junta regimes once and for all that made Ethiopia the prison of Nations Nationalities and almost at verge of disintegration.

However, due to the unified and collaborated efforts, Ethiopia has been registering a double digit economic growth for the last 15 consecutive years in the last 27 years of building a nation in all sectors. But there are few elements that need the unitary system to come back and they are saying the last 27 years were years of darkness. Even worse, they want to dismantle the constitutional federal system. To this end, they are fabricating and formulating different agendas and sabotaging the success stories and achievements. Furthermore, they are setting agenda of violence, hatred and targeting people from a particular region and identity.

However, all Nation Nationalities and peoples in our country have given a deaf ear to the anti-peace and development forces hate speeches and denouncements against the people of Tigrai and have shown your support. The National Regional State of Tigrai and the people would like to express their gratitude for your support. 
The Constitution is the result of the concerted efforts of the Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities and it is written in the blood of all the martyrs of the struggle. The anti-prace and anti constitution elements are spending sleepless nights and are trying their best to dismantle the federal constitutional system which is a futile effort! We would like to call up on all Nations, Nationalities and peoples to strengthen our unity and build a strong nation that belongs to all of us.

Commanders and members of the defense forces!

It is with great pleasure to say happy 44th Anniversary. Lekatit 11 is an Emblem of the Ethiopian Defense Forces as the members are from all Nations Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. It was organized to safe guard the constitution and the sovereignty of the country. The National Regional State of Tigrai would like to send its congratulatory message to the defense forces with due respect. We would like to appreciate the financial, material and moral support the defense forces made to solve economic and social problems of our people. You are the vanguard of the constitution and the sovereignty of our country and go ahead with your mission and the National Regional State of Tigrai and the people of Tigrai are, as usual, on your side.

Leaders of different organizations

The role of every leadership in the organization he/she is leading has a great value. Every one is expected to do his/her job. Therefore, Bureau Heads, and leaders of the offices are urged to serve the public and the state council should conduct monitoring and evaluation and support up to the lower level of the Tabia. The justice should be fast and it should satisfy the public. Leaders and heads of the civic society, professional Associations, Non – governmental organizations should work hard and strengthen their commitment and implement the democratization and transformation plan so that fast and sustainable economic growth can be achieved and good governance would prevail.

Finally, we would like to conclude by quoting from our forefathers that says ‘’you cannot galvanize a golden pole with Gold.’’ Therefore, to enhance and upgrade the already started and hopeful multi-faceted activity, we shall fully utilize the utmost capability of our broad mass and we shall be victorious and register tangible change by working day and night!

Once again Happy 44th Anniversary of the Struggle of the people of Tigrai

Everlasting Glory to our Martyrs
Lekatit 11 is the cornerstone of our Endurance, unity and security

The National Regional State of Tigrai
Lekatit 11,2011 E.c
Mekelle, Tigrai

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